Gallery 3

  • Jump & Smile

    Jump & Smile

    This has grown in popularity since the late 1990’s, the name says it all with this one and is a…

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  • Matterhorn


    An extreme thrill ride for all ages and thrill seekers that dates back to the mid 1970’s and as evolved…

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  • Miami Ride

    Miami Ride

    Side to side family thrill ride since the early 1990’s, the Miami ride has proven very popular with the thrill-seeking…

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  • Pony Adventure Ride

    Pony Adventure Ride

    Why not let your you kids pretend they are in the wild west on our Pony Adventure Ride. Also available…

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  • Sizzler


    Also known as Twister, this is the original thrill ride making its debut in 1959. It is now mainly enjoyed…

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  • Star Flyer

    Star Flyer

    A modern day see the fair from the air ride with a gentle lift and spin motion. The ride lifting…

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  • Tea Cups

    Tea Cups

    Kids love to spin around and there is no better place then the Tea Cups ride for them to do…

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  • Toy Set

    Toy Set

    The double-decker bus or the big pink car? There is a ‘toy’ for every kid to ride on this classic…

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  • Waltzer


    The Waltzer has been around since 1933 when it evolved from a Noah’s Ark ride, which itself dates back to…

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